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Swimming course

Swimming Course

Hello! My grandchildren, 8 and 5 have just started summer swimming course.
Whose merit is it? Mine, of course, though grandpa claims the first idea was his. Yes, of course, he heard something about swimming courses being organized in our town. But... But in his case there is always a long way from hear to act. I did not hesitate a moment, addressed the man who came with this info, found out details, telephoned the instructor, inspired the kids.
Just in case that one day Sofia is world number one in swimming, just to put things in the right order. (And she WILL BE EXCELLENT, I know! Every grandma knows, every grandma in the world thinks HER GRANDKIDS are the best, she puts hope in them, she sees all unrealized dreams of hers and her children in her grandchildren, isn´t it natural? Yes, it is!)
A propos, Sofia, 5, is also extremely talented piano player. Stream of thoughts in me and every grandma is similar as with swimming. But in this case it is clearly evident that Sofia is a great talent, a prodigy! You can see the video on YouTube under the title „Sofi, 5, faster than teacher“
Well, let´s speak about Sofia and water. Why not dance, you ask? Why not gymnastics? It is very simple to explain: she would not be very good at it, I must admit. But swimming...
We have come back from holiday by the seaside in Croatia. Sofia showed her love for water there. Absolutely! She behaved like a little nymph, a little naiad, she threw herself into waves, swam a little distance under water, than debouched from water all soaked with salt water, her nostrils and all other body cavities rinsed with salt water, (the effect much higher than when we rinsed her little nose with salt water in the bathroom), hair wet, stuck to head, eyes hid after water glasses, but smiling, smiling with happiness for sure because all her face, all her jumping body expressed happiness.
And one more reason why to take this sport for her: she should be very active, she should have as many hobbies, right hobbies, I mean, as possible. Not to sit at the TV and computer screens all days, and not to become a loose woman later on. She must be busy with her hobbies, she must not have time for foolish things. (Grandma says, grandma dreams: I HAVE A DREAM...)
Sofia´s older brother Andrej is completely different as to temperament, talents, even the colour of his skin is different (he is very pale, almost white as he used to be anaemic when he was a little child). He goes to school where he reaches quite good results, better at reading and languages than at maths but he is hard-working, future is before him, he can become a doctor, an engineer, an artist, anything. He learns to play guitar, unfortunately, with less success than Sofia with the piano. For the record of his last performance see: YouTube, Andrej and his guitar. But he can draw very nicely.
And what about swimming? An absolute coward, my poor darling! He doesn´t put his sweet blond head under water. No. Water is an enemy to him. Despite this fact he wanted to enroll in the swimming course, too. I admire him! He is so brave, so courageous!
I love them both tremendously.

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